Saturday, March 14, 2020


Measuring items around the room

Enjoying some warmer temps and a little game of four square at recess

Sun and swings!

We collected standing long jump data on Thursday.  Our measuring teams got lots of practice on accurately measuring in inches and centimeters.

We recorded our data in our math journals.

On Friday we recorded our data.  We had 3 record setting jumps for second grade!

We improved our ability to estimate distances in yards through practice.

All week we added items to our personal reference charts - ways to help us remember which items are the same length as the various units we are learning.

Inside recess Friday - lots of time for building, being creative and having fun with each other.

Friday, March 6, 2020


Mrs. Wright read to us on Monday for Community Readers Day!

Decorating "book tacos" for our door.

It was our second annual Door Decorating Contest!

Mrs. Pols and Mrs. Vise on Dress Up as Your Favorite Book Character Day - we were Marco and Polo, the main character cats in the book series, The Grand Escape.

On Wednesday, Mrs. Singer (mom to Mrs. Pols!) came dressed as Johnny Appleseed, read us a book about him and brought us apples!

Hermione and Anne of Green Gables!

More dressed up kiddos!

First Grade Team dressed up - Mo Willems' Elephant, Piggie and the Pigeon!

Cat in the Hat and Violet the Pilot

Experimenting with the big catapult

Careful measuring in a science experiment

We've been working on identifying the author's message in various books.

The 5th graders brought us Dr. Seuss Snack Sacks!

On Friday we reviewed our weekly genre wheel goals and shared out about how we did and set new goals for next week.

On Friday we worked with measuring yards.  Our estimating improved quickly!

We found out that measuring a classroom in student length is not as reliable as standard measures!

We are working on explaining how a writer makes a text interesting.

We loved hearing Dr. Seuss stories read by 5th graders.

Our last catapult experiment gave us the chance to refine all the skills we learned throughout the unit.

Students kept force/motion vocabulary booklets throughout our work.

We did a shorter version of the scientific method for a fun experiment with the big catapult.

We began our final informational book project, based on a sport or active hobby of our choice.

Friday, February 28, 2020


Planning out the design of their catapult....

Another planning session!

Using tape, a spoon and a ruler, the kids made functional catapults.

In math we did some measuring practice.

This group is meausuring the distance the ping pong ball traveled off the catapult. 

Inside recess gives us time to build and create and play!

Writing 100 words for the 100th Day of School!

After watching the crazy rain and wind in our somewhat dark classroom Thursday morning, we all cheered when the sun came out in the afternoon!

We began reading daily poems in shared reading.  This helps us practice fluency, learn new vocabulary and get familiar with the format of poetry ahead of a special poetry writing unit in the spring. 

100s Poems for 100s Day!