Friday, March 16, 2018

Highlights of the Week

Mrs. Simpson reads us the Chickadee book, Dear Dragon!

In math we practiced efficient adding of 3 addends.

These are the questions that have been guiding our thinking in social studies.

Here are some of the words we have been using a lot as we talk about transportation.

This collection of old postcards show Woolwich long ago.

We have also been learning what school might have been life a long time ago.

This is the inside of a Chickadee booklet, where students keep track of each book nominee.

Students completed "exit slips" to let me know what they learned about each social studies topic we researched.  

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Mrs. Fahey made us yummy, green jello treats.

Writers got to try their hand at opinion writing this week.

They had a lot of strong opinions about the best food to eat.  

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Highlights of the Week

During math we did some measuring work around the room.

We used geoboards to build arrays, working on repeated addition and multiplication.

Our class has been fascinated by Amelia Earhart ever since we read her biography.  Our Scholastic News issue focused on her and several students had heard a recent news article that "possibly" solves this long unsolved mystery.  We had a lot of discussion about this!

Students explored the map of Woolwich for bordering towns and waterways.  

We read about reasons why early settlers traveled and compared them to reasons we travel today.

In writing we got into the swing of a new genre and worked on several opinion pieces.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Highlights of the Week

In Reading Workshop we learned about identifying an author's purpose for writing.

Crazy Hat/Hair Day!

Students explored giant maps of Woolwich in small groups.

Students used their own small maps to do several scavenger hunts to find various places on the map.

We learned to use coordinates to find streets and roads in Woolwich.

Mr. Libby read us a book at lunch on Thursday.

We did some fun Dr. Seuss activities on his birthday Friday.

This shows a student's work following a scavenger hunt with the Woolwich map.

At the Maine Maritime Museum on Friday we learned about cargo.

Students got to try their hand at some tools for drilling holes.

We found out it was hard work.

Then we got to use other tools to fill the cracks in.  

The whole class took turns putting together the pieces of a puzzle to build a ship.

This scuba diver was one of the obstacles that students had to circumvent during the obstacle course.

Each student got to practice carrying cargo (potatoes and wood) while avoiding common ocean obstacles.

We had time to explore the museum at the end.  

The inside of a captain's office was a big hit!

Mr. Mitchell led us in a fun game.

On Friday we welcomed a community reader who introduced us to a fun new series .

The always anticipated Dr. Seuss Cafe!

Students chose special snacks from the menu.

Clever Dr. Seuss Snacks

We got to hear some of our favorite Dr. Seuss stories.

The kids thought it was pretty funny that the teachers in our wing were all wearing the exact same shirt!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Highlights of the Week

Sample biography book response on Amelia Earhart

Inspired "Go run the world girls!"

Green Day Veggie Tray!

They tried everything!  Proud of their adventurousness and fruit-veggie loving ways.  Good job, parents!

Reading with a friend is always better.

Decorating Valentine's Bags for the big day

They love time to create and design with pattern blocks.

A spirited round of "fishing for 10."

At the 6th Grade Museum Mr. Shea taught the boys about the mummy.

Happy kids at the party enjoying their yogurt parfaits.

Students learned to do ballpark estimates in math and check their work for accuracy.  First lesson on this and they were GREAT!

In library our Mock Caldecott voting process culminated in learning to use Flip Grid with Ms. Luchies.

Each partnership made a video about WHY they chose the book they chose, complete with detailed explanations. 

Pillows and a book = happiness.