Friday, January 12, 2018

Highlights of the Week

Our mental image drawings of The Snagglegrollop from reading workshop time

Our first day of experimenting with cars/ramps.

Our beginning data collection was on carpet in the classroom.

We used measuring tapes to track distances.

The second day we went to the cafeteria to conduct the experiment on the bare floor.

Our hypothesis was that the cars would go farther off the ramps on bare floor.  We turned out to be right!

In math we played Beat The Calculator to help us learn our math facts.

Students each take a role in Beat the Calculator - Brain, Caller and Calculator!

In music we used xylophones.

We worked on the notes and were super responsible about putting them away in their case afterwards.

In math we played "Pick a Coin" on our Chromebooks on the Everyday Math website.  This game helps us practice coin identification and counting money values.

After our first experiment we got in our groups to choose ONE part of the experiment to revise when we do it again next week.  This group is trying out a steeper ramp incline.

Beautiful snowflakes we made in art.

Hard at work drawing mental images from The Napping House by Audrey Wood, an old favorite.

On Friday afternoon we did a big clean inside our desks (and on top!) and we also organized our book baskets.  Such productive, busy helpers!  They offered to come clean at my house and I was tempted to take them up on it!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Highlights of the Week

It was a short week with a blizzard and a delayed start and I didn't snap many photos.  More next week.
We built some more background knowledge about force and motion by participating in a Mystery Science Exploration.  In this picture we are practicing the motion of digging a hole and lifting the dirt out and throwing it.  We used lots of "work" words that describe force and motion.

On Friday we practiced the steps of the Scientific Process.  Our question was "Will the car go farther off the ramp when tin foil, a napkin OR wax paper is at the bottom of the ramp?"

Our hypothesis was that the wax paper would have the best results.  It turned out to not be true!  The young scientists concluded that the stickiness of the wax paper slowed the car down a bit.

We thought the napkin would get the least distance and we were correct.  The tin foil got us the greatest distance.

Students used this format to record their steps in the scientific process.  This is good prep for writing our first full lab report next week when we compare how far cars go off ramps on different floor surfaces.  

Friday, December 15, 2017

Highlights of the Week

Showing our place value thinking with expanded notation and base 10 block drawings.

Boys and books!  

Our crew looking fabulous at the concert

Mrs. Pols forgot to check to make sure I had eyes-open in this photo - but still soooo cute!

Singing our hearts out!

In math we solved a tough problem about grouping big numbers.

Students worked to write detailed explanations and drawings to explain their thinking.

Some excited readers try out a new series.

We began a new series by local author, Kate Egan, and the kids are excited about the magic tricks in the books.

Investigating the magic tricks in Kate Egan's magic series.

We began All About Books this week.

Each child wrote a table of contents to organize their book.

Writing introductions to our books was like adding a "beginning."

Each page needed to add important information about our topic.

This is our new read aloud by Kate Egan and Magician Mike Lane.  Kate is a dear friend of Mrs. Pols's.  We will invite her to come talk to us later in the year!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Highlights of Last Week

Students explored  nonfiction texts together.

We worked on an anchor chart to help us identify a variety of nonfiction text features.

We read a bunch of All About Books on different topics and recorded facts, text features and interesting words we learned.

Elves we made in art class

More elves.  The elves were just as cute as the kids!

Buddy reading nonfiction texts

Silly picture on Wacky Wednesday!

As we refine our ability to tell time we made individual clocks to use as a tool during math time.

We refer to this chart as we explore nonfiction texts.

Students used a portable word wall to edit their stories for spelling.

Illustrating the cover was an important way to "fancy up" our realistic fiction pieces.

We also added detailed illustrations to each page.

Crazy hair!

Some proud authors showing off their realistic fiction below…..