Friday, June 15, 2018

Highlights of our Last Week

Proudly awaiting our visitors….

Here is each student with their bird display.  

This group put on a fun version of Stone Soup with Mrs. Smith!

In the middle of the scavenger hunt at Reid State Park on Tuesday

After the scavenger hunt we showed off our collections.

We LOVE to play Mummy Ball with Mrs. Reny at the end of Guidance class.

This is some serious spelling practice!

Big work in the sand

Proud sister with older brother at the fourth grade Wax Museum

On Friday morning these busy worker bees helped pass out dozens of pages for our portfolios.  I was grateful for so much help.

Visiting the wax museum and learning about a famous Mainer

Many crabs were found at the beach.

These kids will "Floss" anywhere!

The water wasn't exactly warm…...

This look tells you about the temperature of the lagoon!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Highlights of the Week

A little painting at inside recess

Students used their Chrome books to do research on their individual birds.

In math we did a lot of work with arrays and multiplication.

Students used their note catcher with facts to write rough draft reports on their bird.

On Thursday we pulled out the very LAST HomeLink in our HomeLink book.  You can see we were happy to recycle them.  

On Wednesday we met with our 6th grade buddies to share the stories they wrote for us and that we illustrated.  They were excited to see the illustrations we added in.  

A final loon poster

We got our drums back and it turns out you can make a very tall tower  with them.  Silly, fun kids.!