Saturday, August 10, 2019

August Letter

August 5, 2019
Dear Families,
Hello to everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful summer. I am writing to let
you know a few things about the start of the school year.
Midcoast Community Alliance is again sponsoring the SET FOR SUCCESS event.
  It takes place August 25th at the Bath Middle School from 10 am -2 pm.
Backpacks and school supplies are available for FREE to all RSU 1 students-
be sure to stop by to pick up what you need!
Below is a suggested list of supply items students will need. Please let me know
if this is a problem for you so that we can help out. I have extras of many of
these items in the room and items from last year can certainly be re-used!  
*pencils   *2 glue sticks *scissors *markers (optional) *crayons
*a durable, plastic 2-pocket folder to be the daily “Take-Home Folder”
*a pack of cap erasers    * small pencil box *1 box of tissues
*hard-cover 3-ring binder, 1 inch size (for portfolio )
*4 pocket folders, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 yellow ( with fasteners)
*ear buds/headphones  (for use with our chromebooks)

Mr Hutchings likes students to have a pair of sneakers to leave at
school for P.E. if possible. Everyday shoes cannot be worn in the gym.
Students will be able to leave these in their locker and they do not need
to be new. I will send home a schedule with our PE days as soon as I have it.
Please remember it is always wise to label your child’s belongings with a
permanent marker (lunch box, backpack, outer wear).
Odds and Ends
First Day of School: Tuesday, September 3, 2019!  School begins at 8:20
and ends at 3:00 p.m. We do ask that students are not dropped off earlier than
8:20 as we are preparing our rooms, materials and lessons for the day. 
Snack: We have snack every morning at around 9:45 a.m. Students should
bring a healthy, nutritious snack daily. Students should also bring their water
bottle to school every day. We have a fountain right at our sink for easy refilling.
Lunch: Students may purchase hot lunch for $2.65. Each day there is a main
meal and also a choice for students who do not want the main selection. Milk
can be purchased for 55 cents. Breakfast is available daily for $1.45. It is best
to send lunch/milk money on Mondays as it makes it easiest for the kitchen
staff to keep track. All meals should be pre-paid. When you send lunch/milk
money in an envelope for me, please label it clearly with your child’s name
and the amount of money in the envelope. You can also pay online at
https:/ or by personal check made payable to RSU #1
School Lunch Program. (I will have your child’s code in September if you need it.
It will be the same as last year.)
E-mail: My e-mail address is Please feel free to get in touch
if I can answer any questions for you.
Lockers: Each child will have a spacious locker right outside our classroom.
This will be helpful for storing sneakers, backpacks, lunches and outer
wear. It is a great idea to send a complete change of clothes in a plastic
bag; this can be stored on the top shelf of your child’s locker and will
save you a trip to school if your child has an accident or gets wet/muddy
at recess.
Class Blog: I have a classroom blog which can be found at this link: or off the Woolwich school website.
There is a space in the upper right hand corner where you can “subscribe” to
receive any updates via email. There won’t be much there over the summer,
but once the school year starts I post updates and pictures at the end of each
week. There are also links with other information about our classroom.
I will send home more information about second grade in a newsletter the
first week of school. Be on the lookout for a parent survey about your child
via email!  I am so excited about beginning a journey of learning and fun
with you and your child.
Beth Pols
P.S. Families often ask if we need any supplies for the classroom. Below
is a list of frequently-used items if you would like to contribute at anytime:
-cleaning wipes and/or baby wipes                -tissues
-bottles of hand soap, pump-style  and hand sanitizer
-extra snacks (crackers, pretzels, raisins)

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Set for Success Event!

 Midcoast Community Alliance is again hosting their "Set for Success" Event! Backpacks, supplies, haircuts and more! 

             See for more information! 

**Sunday, August 25, 2019 10am-2pm

Location: Bath Middle School

Friday, June 7, 2019

Highlights of the Week

Shopping at the annual BOOK SWAP

We each chose 5 books for summer reading!

A fun game in PE on Thursday

Working to publish final bird reports

This student is using an image of a bird on his computer to draw a careful, detailed illustration

Many drafts of practice and step-by-step drawing tools helped us create our quality bird drawings.

Kyle from Chewonki showed us how a screech owl blends in with a tree

We loved the chance to compare the weights and size of Maine owls.

Kyle shared many artifacts related to owls.

We got to feel a lot of feathers and checked them our for their noise capacity.

Kyle showed us how an owls' feathers are crafted for silence, unlike some noisier birds of prey.

The saw-whet owl was a big hit with second graders.

Looking at owl bones

The kids were enthralled with the barred owl!

Students asked great questions about the rehab work with the injured owls.

Those talons are sharp!

Watching a 4th grader perform at the annual Wax Museum

Mrs. Pols found a former student - reporting as Rachel Carson!

Students were quite independent with researching the bird they chose for their final project.

Reports and careful drawings came out great!

The final drawings will be scanned and placed on our bookmarks!

Friday, May 31, 2019

Highlights of the Week

Maine Author Kevin Hawkes tells us about how he gets ideas for books.

He shared his sketchbook with us, full of drawings and ideas for stories.

We loved it when he drew for us and showed us how to make shadows!

One of our classmates go to make random lines for him.....

and then he turned it into a character before our eyes!

Hula Hoop Rock Paper Scissors at Field Day

A fierce game of tug of war.  Pols vs. Vise!

The bouncy house is a HUGE hit with the kids!

And the parachute is another favorite!

We played Octopus!  These kids are hard to catch, trust me!

A little Duck, Duck Goose for a much needed break

We ended with water relays!

Back in class, ready for a reading break.....

This week we worked hard on our owl research.

We took notes from common texts and used the notes to write our reports.

We practiced owl drawings several times using a step by step drawing guide.

Putting the final product together

Several drafts of owl drawings on one page

Everyone writes their own report.

Research, research, research!  The kids will now be ready to research a bird of their choice for their individual project.